Residual stress
hot rolling
analytical models

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Residual stresses are a subject of great industrial and academic interest. Detection and prediction methods can be experimental, analytical and numerical furthermore there is a substantial amount of developed techniques. In this context, this manuscript intends to propose an analytical methodology for predicting residual stresses in the thickness of hot-rolled steel sheets, followed or not by coiling/uncoiling, by developing the basic differential equation of deflections, aided by a numerical prediction of the temperature profile throughout the cooling process. Basically, the sources of residual stresses are considered to be the austenite/products phase transformation, the evolution of the temperature gradient and the deformation/relief caused by coiling and uncoiling. Prediction results were compared to experimental own results and that from a reference. There was a good coincidence of values when the profile raised was the one caused by the temperature gradient. Other sources found no support for the cases analyzed. New experimental results are needed for conclusions to mature.


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